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Welcome and Hello

I’m Su Chantry

I believe THAT at the heart of your business is you AND your employees.

I’m passionate about providing proactive health and well-being initiatives for you all. Each client I work with is unique. That is why I provide a tailor made solution of healthcare services, we also offer you guidance on seasonal health awareness campaigns. We also deliver wellbeing activities, educational workshops and seminars. 

Want to know a secret? I do not charge a retainer fee. Why? Because here at the SKC Occupational Health Hub, we believe we are as good as our last piece of work. Quality and the professional personal touch is why our clients keep using us.

We deliver a personal tailored approach to health at work and this genuine approach doesn’t need a retainer or a salesman to tie you into us.

At our Occupational Health Hub, we let our expertise do the talking. We have a diverse range of highly qualified and professional clinicians as part of the team. Together we evaluate your needs to help you create the optimum healthy environment for your staff to work in. Plus everything else in between. For a full list of all (there is a very long list) of what we offer, check out our services page.

LOCATIONS COVERED: Oxfordshire, South East, The Cotswolds, Midlands, London and Kent.

WHY CHOOSE SKC Occupational Health ?

I pride myself to look outside the box, to bring innovative ideas to your workplace health management. Over the years, I have shared my thought leadership in this field, and as such, I am recognised by the other leaders in the industry as a pioneer in Occupational Health.

What we offer

We are an Occupational Health Hub of experts who can offer you a range of workplace health guidance to support, advise and educate your business to develop and optimise a healthy productive workforce. We can assist you in not just meeting the legal and regulatory compliance requirements for your business but we can give you so much more in optimising your business health management.

How can we help

Workplace Health






Working with companies like yours we have seen time and time again the benefits of our services. Before working with us, many clients often struggle with how to optimise health at work. Even though they have the best intentions, they struggle with making sure the employees’ physical and mental health is high on the organisational agenda. In fact the list is endless with the types of problems health issues at work can pose. We have seen it all. 

SKC Occupational Health can support you with this. We can play a vital role in supporting you to put in place an effective health and wellbeing framework. Not only by providing effective rehabilitation and return-to-work strategies when people are already ill but giving you expert advice and introducing new initiatives to help prevent ill health in the first place.

It’s important for you to remember, this is not your zone of genius …

However it is ours. We keep up to date with the latest guidance and advice.

We are an enlightened dynamic organisation that recognises that promoting the health, safety and wellness of the workforce is good for business. It is a benefit rather than a financial drain.

Using SKC Occupational Health will give you the positive contribution of employee health and wellbeing to a successful business performance, and the links between the two.

Highly effective companies will often have a culture and philosophy that values health and wellbeing strategies that will encompass the work environment, culture and interpersonal relationships.


How can we help?

We have a range of highly qualified and professional clinicians as part of our Hub. Together we evaluate your needs to help you create the optimum healthy environment for your staff to work in. Plus everything else in between. For a full list of all (there is a very long list) of what we offer, check out our services page here. This includes the latest on national seasonal awareness campaigns and wellbeing activities, including the educational workshops and the seminars that are available.

However, as we said before, we are the experts, and you may need some guidance on finding the right solution for your particular needs. Below are the three main areas we support people.

Workplace Health






However, if you are still feeling a bit U2 a.k.a. “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for” … then you can book a call with us here.

How does it work ?

1/ Get in touch via our contact form on this website.

2/ We will email back and arrange a half hour get to know you chat.

3/ We can book an onsite meet and greet – you get to know us – we get to know  you and what you need from us.

4/ Let’s work together and support the health of your business.


Hello, Im Su Chantry

I have a dynamic approach to Occupational Health nursing – I am pioneering and passionate about supporting employers and supporting their employees’ health at work. Occupational health is more than just ticking a compliancy box.  

I am an enthusiastic, knowledgeable, vastly experienced dedicated nurse with over 30 years experience. I thrive on new ideas and concepts and I apply evidenced based knowledge to my practice.

I have worked in such a wide range of organisations ranging from NHS wards, nuclear facility sites, and marble manufacturers to Formula 1 motor racing which has brought diversity to my work in occupational health. 

My energetic and committed approach to workplace health has led to a Queen’s Nurse Award which recognises my commitment to public health nursing, demonstrating innovative practice in the specialty of occupational health. 

I’m so passionate about occupational health I shout about it wherever I can! I have written a number of articles for medical journals.  My work has even been featured in The Sunday Times! Check it out here


Kind Words!

Megan Hall

HR Manager Double R Racing, Woking

Su has well and truly become a part of our team over the past 12 months. COVID-19 has thrown all sorts of hurdles our way as a race team, and Su has remained my point of calm, reason, and clarity throughout the process. We haven't missed a beat thanks to her resourcefulness and willingness to help. I cannot praise her service enough, nothing is ever too much trouble and it is a continued pleasure to work with and learn from her.
Thank you Su, you've kept the wheels turning at Double R Racing throughout this pandemic.

Alison Ho

Director, Byrnes Dental Lab, Oxfordshire

Highly professional experience from enquiry to completion. Su was incredibly helpful with any questions in the preparation and ran a full day clinic for our team like clockwork. A particularly reassuring experience under the current circumstances.

Tom McCulloch

Director Community First Oxfordshire Oxford

SKC has provided expert advice when we have needed it; well-considered, easy to digest and attuned to our specific feeds. We’ve been impressed with Su and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services.

Sarah Caruso

HR Director Classico Marble Ltd. Slough

We spent a long time finding the right Occupation Health Service to support our business and our staff. We hit the jackpot with SKC and Su!  As a small business we needed someone who fitted in with our workforce and day to day business activities. We really appreciate the no nonsense straight to the point advice which is honest but invaluable.  Su’s approach is supportive and informative to all involved and the team look forward to her visits.  We consider Su part of our team and know that our staff’s health is being monitored and we are being given expert advice on health risk management.

Cait Morrison

Finn Black Ltd .London

SKC Occupational Health delivers a very high standard of service. Su Chantry is very  responsive to all communication, and has always supplied us with a full range of information about the tests or vaccines we have required. Medical appointments with Su are dealt with professionally and empathically, she is great at putting people at  their ease. We will continue to use SKC Occupational Health in future, and would  recommend very highly to others.

Andrew Knight & Family

Su Chantry is three paired things: Real Empathy and Caring; Real Expertise and Skill; Real Professionalism and Organisation.

Tom Clark BSc (Hons), MSc, SENr

Performance Coach

Reducing stressful scenarios from an athlete's life is imperative for subsequent performance & recovery. When it comes to vaccinations, testing of blood markers & other clinical testing, situations can often become very high stress very easily & this is something I have to be very wary of when it comes to testing my athletes. 

 Su's skill set, professionalism & client care is second to none & never have I had my athletes feel more at ease & satisfied with the whole experience. As a consequence, she's always my first port of call when it comes to clinical testing.





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Thanks Su

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