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How we were created

Big occupational health providers steer away from the personal bespoke approach to workplace health. I was part of that corporate model and felt like an occupational health nurse robot. I needed to find another outlet to express my passion and add my personal touch to health and wellbeing for businesses. With that in mind, I moved away from being a trapped robot and The SKC Occupational Health Consultancy was born.

We don’t offer corporate off the shelf packages to workplace health just so you can

tick a box to acknowledge regulations are met. 

Small meets Small – it is the personal touch that we can offer you that makes us stand out in our ability to offer you a unique bespoke approach to the management of your workplace health.

If you want an individual personally tailored delivery of occupational health in your organisation you have come to the right place.

SKC Occupational Health is an organisation that would love to work directly with you . We can assist you define your business health and wellbeing requirements. We use an adaptable  personal approach to promote health and assist you protect the wellbeing of your staff. 

In order to offer quality we will provide you with experts, SKC Occupational Health provides direct access to an integrated Hub of professional occupational health clinicians – a wide range of experts in their field of occupational health specialities who can focus their clinical expertise to your business health needs.

Occupational health hub expert guidance will support, advise and educate

your business to develop and optimise a healthy productive workforce.

SKC Occupational Health Hub experts will support, guide, advise and educate your business.

SKC Occupational Health is based in South Oxfordshire and provides a comprehensive package of professional occupational health expertise across the South East and beyond. Our Clinical Director is Su Chantry.  

SKC Occupational Health provides tailor made occupational health solutions to small and medium sized businesses. We are committed to the practical application of high quality occupational health service and the achievement of a client workforce that is ‘fit for work’.

We can help you manage health and well being in your organisation by working flexibly with you to understand and address health management in your workplace.

We understand the effects of work on physical and mental health and recognise the pathological effects of agents that may be encountered in the workplace. We are able to support you in the management of this in your business. 

  • We have an in-depth awareness of the range of hazards to which your employees could be exposed to and can advise you manage the control measures designed to reduce exposures.
  • All of us at the Hub are competent in general health assessments, including those undertaken before or during employment, particularly assessments to confirm fitness to undertake roles.
  • We can offer a range of statutory health surveillance appropriate to your setting and the hazards to which your employees are exposed.
  • We have expert skills in facilitating collaborative working with a range of stakeholders including leaders , managers, workers and their representatives.
  • We can help you develop policies that promote or support health, safety and/or wellbeing.
  • All of us at the Hub are passionate about occupational health and have excellent interpersonal, communication and leadership skills.
  • We can help you develop strategies tailored to the unique culture of your business that promotes physical and mental health.
  • Our knowledge of health and safety and employment legislation will help you ensure compliance will be achieved.

What makes us different?

We are all dynamic practitioners and use a personal tailored approach to promote health and assist you protect the health of your staff. We are as good as the last job. Our clients stay with us for the quality service they deserve to have. All my team in the Hub are pioneers and leaders in the expert fields they work in.  

We are proud of our role in nursing and health and wellbeing

This is what I love doing …

Learn more about what we do and how we do it, 

get  in touch.

If you have any questions or want to make an enquiry about any of our services please fill out the form and send it in to us.

We are a small business but we aim to get back to you within 1-2 business days.

Thanks Su

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

Contact Number: 01235 606080

with over 220 years of experience in health !!

Meet the team

 Get to know your Occupational Health Hub expert and we will get to know you and your team ….


Clinical Director Occupational Health Nurse

I trained as a general nurse at St Thomas Hospital London in the early 1990’s. I moved on to specialise as an occupational health, graduating with a first-class honours BSc. registering as a Specialist Community Public Health Nurse.

My career portfolio includes vocation case management and sickness absence, wellbeing physical and mental health awareness in the workplace, ergonomic workstation assessments, risk management and health screening as well as health surveillance in relation to workplace chemical and hazards risks. Through my clinical experiences I have developed a portfolio career, which incorporates practitioner work, education, research, and several published papers.

I am experienced in:

  • Planning Rehabilitation Programmes to Facilitate Return to Work.
  • Conducting Evaluations and Assessments of Work Skills and Capacities.
  • Occupational Health physical and mental Wellbeing.
  • Workplace Risk Assessments and  Health Surveillance.
  • Public health advice in relation to work activities.
  • Training and supporting managers manage workplace health.
  • Travel Health and occupational immunisation Programmes.
  • Signposting employees to specialist support services.

I demonstrate expertise in performing thorough evidence-based practice and research activities.I regularly speak at corporate events and other wellbeing conferences , sharing my passion for workplace health and wellbeing.

I am committed to developing and contributing to community public health strategies delivered in the workplace and was awarded the Queen’s Nurse award in recognition of commitment to high standards of practice and patient-centred care in occupational health.

Personal – I recently temporarily suspended my private occupational health work to return to frontline acute nursing at The John Radcliffe Oxford to assist my NHS colleagues during the Covid-19 pandemic.

I enjoy Yoga, aerobics/fitness, and modern jive. I love to bake and am still learning to play the ukulele!


Occupational Health Nurse Practitioner

I am an Occupational Health Nurse Practitioner with over 25 years experience including the NHS, manufacturing, finance, social care, maritime, logistics and the voluntary sector. My advice is tailored to the needs of the organisation and I promote early intervention to reduce sickness absence and improve employee health. I advise on workplace hazards and risk assessment to help employers when managing their statutory duties. I am analytical and precise and I enjoy OH as it brings together my interests in improving health and wellbeing, law and business. I cover London and the South East at a day and time to suit the organisation.

I love backpacking with my husband both near and far and one day we hope to recreate Phileas Fogg’s journey, albeit at a much more leisurely pace.

MANDY MURPHY Senior Coach Practitioner (EMCC), Diploma in Management Studies, BSc Occupational Health and Safety Management, Registered General Nurse.

Professional Coach and Occupational Health Strategy Adviser

Mandy is a qualified Coach Practitioner and member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC). Mandy provides coaching services for professionals as they transition through their professional career. Transition coaching is for anyone who is handling a significant change in their work life such as looking for a new career direction, moving into a new job or a promotion, experiencing redundancy or returning to work after a long spell of absence. A key component to Mandy’s transition coaching service is using positive psychology theories to build resilience, self-confidence and enabling individuals to excel in their career and life. Mandy offers coaching in a variety of ways including one to one, peer group sessions, team development workshops or masterclasses (coaching skills, resilience, emotional intelligence, communication skills). Mandy is also a certified True Colors® and Personality Lingo® trainer, a simplified version of Myers Briggs personality profiling tool, to support developing emotional intelligence and building relationships in individuals and teams. 

Mandy’s professional background is in Occupational Health and Wellbeing and trained as a nurse. In her 28-year career Mandy has delivered and led OH services, supporting organisations to manage health risks in the workplace, support sickness absence procedures and implement wellbeing programmes. Mandy also offers consultancy support to organisations on building and developing OH services.


Workplace Health & Wellbeing, Mental Health Trainer, Owner Mindshift Consultancy

I am an Independent Occupational Health Practitioner, Workplace Wellbeing Specialist and trainer in Stress & Mental Health. I qualified as a Registered General Nurse at Nottingham University Hospital in 1991 and now combines my working knowledge of HR and H&S with evidence-based mental health-related training across many business sectors. I am the owner of Mindshift Consultancy and an Associate Trainer for Mental Health First Aid England, the Princes Trust and Homeless Link. 

I gained a distinction in my MSc in Workplace Health & Wellbeing and have certificates in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Stress, Counselling Skills and suicide intervention. I have written a chapter on mental health in a Contemporary Occupational Health Nursing book and am a regular speaker at well being-related conferences.

I am passionate about reducing the negative stigmatising attitudes that remain around mental ill-health and am a firm believer in workplaces providing a proactive and supportive culture around this subject.

Angela Tomlinson RGN DipOHN PGCert

Independent Occupational Health Advisor

I am an Occupational Health Advisor with over 25 years experience including the NHS, retail, leisure, oil and gas, education and manufacturing. I trained at the Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel and studied for my professional occupational health qualifications at the Royal College of Nursing in 1993. I have more recently gained a post graduate qualification in Workplace Health and Wellbeing from the University of Nottingham in 2017.

The focus of most of my independent work is on sickness absence case management. In my practice I always aim for clear and tailored advice in my occupational health reports that give a concise and unbiased picture to the employer to support their onward management of their employee.

I live in the Lake District but provide my services via Zoom/MS Teams or telephone across the UK. I have worked consistently in the private sector and the NHS throughout the COVID-19 pandemic supporting hospital leaders and healthcare staff to maintain their health and wellbeing throughout. I currently support a caseload of health care staff who have symptoms of post-covid syndrome or ‘long covid’ and I am advising and supporting them and their managers to use a tiered and rehabilitative approach back to health and, of course, employment.

When I am not an Occupational Health Advisor, I live a rural life in the Lake District with my husband and dog and we enjoy getting out into the Lakes as much as we can. My ‘lockdown’ project has been to take WSET qualifications in wine and I am currently working towards my next level 3 certificate. As soon as we are able, I look forward to visiting the vineyards of France, Italy, Portugal and South Africa. I adore cooking, obviously tasting and appreciating wines and I always try and have a positive outlook on life!



Occupational Health Physiotherapist, Occupational Health and Ergonomic Workplace Assessments

I am an experienced Occupational Health Physiotherapist with a specialist interest in persistent pain rehabilitation and work related injuries. I qualified as a Physiotherapist at Coventry University in 2005 and have extensive experience in managing a range of musculoskeletal disorders both within the NHS and within the private sector. Clare manages Bespoke Wellbeing, a small but specialist team of physiotherapists to help deliver Occupational Health Physiotherapy and Ergonomics across the UK.

I am a fully registered member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and active member of the Health and Care Professions Council.

I have been recognised for work with a number of recent awards such as the Zenith Global Health Awards, The Great British Entrepreneur Awards and The Forward Ladies National Awards. I regularly speak at corporate events and other wellbeing seminars to share my passion for workplace health and wellbeing.


Independent Specialist Nurse Prescriber, Travel Health Expert. 

I have a portfolio career for 30 years combining General Practice with Travel Health practice and teaching. I am an Independent Nurse Prescriber and have worked in different parts of the UK and abroad in NHS, private and voluntary provider settings. I have led a 9 Nurse Outreach Healthcare Programme in Kenya. I am a member of The International Society of Medicine and sat their international exam in Vancouver in 2004.  I have studied Travel Medicine and Migration Health to Masters level at UCL and am a Fellow of the Faculty of Travel Medicine at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons in Glasgow. I am an OSCE examiner for the renowned Diploma and Membership Courses. I teach Travel Health to Drs, Nurses, and pharmacists nationally and internationally.

I have a particular interest in preparing clients traveling to work in humanitarian or challenging circumstances. I enjoy working closely with Occupational Health Colleagues in collaboration to improve this area of provision both clinically and professionally. 

I also have a BA in History and am passionate to bear witness and learn from others.  

Personal-  I am a ‘Global Citizen’ and believe in only one rule in life: ‘treat others as you would like your loved ones to be treated’. 


Workplace Holistic Therapist

I have had the joy of working as a therapist for 19 years and teaching therapies for 10 years.

It is a great pleasure in life to help people with their wellbeing. Over the years I have worked for Children’s Centres, a local Parents with Disabilities charity, provided treatments in the workplace office settings, run workshops at my local hospital, as well as in fields at festivals! All this has provided me with the experience and opportunities to improve my own skills and become a therapist with my clients at the heart of everything I do.

My aim is to provide therapeutic healing using a range of Holistic Therapies. These include Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Energy Healing Therapies, and Indian Head Massage. My job is to provide the best treatment to suit your business and I can blend my therapies to create the most effective treatment for your employees. These therapies can provide instant relief from aches, pains and have many associated benefits including stress relief, mood enhancement, improved self-awareness and increased sense of self-worth.

I also aim to help you maintain your wellbeing by creating a plan to help you manage your health as part of your routine. This can be simple small adjustments or working towards bigger changes to support your health.

First of all though let’s talk! Talking to my clients and finding out who they are, their health and lifestyle always comes first. And then there is some more talking …. to make sure we are on track to achieve better wellbeing, adapting and modifying our treatments and care plan as we go.

Personal – I take my own health very seriously and try to practice what I preach. Regular exercise is my go-to stress buster including running, yoga and Pilates. I also love spending time with my family who keep me young.

When I have spare time I like to work in my sketchbooks, grow plants and herbs, and catch up with my friends.

Anna Tanmayi Bruce

Emotional Intelligence & Wellbeing : Teaching, mentoring, coaching and counselling

I have over 10,000 hours of individual and group work, providing flexible ad-hoc one-off and regular sessions, group and bespoke training, together with support in case management. My clients have included NHS Primary Care and Mental Health, Southern Strategic Health Authority, NHS Northants and Exeter. Other public health sector work includes Fire Brigade, Ambulance services. Oxford City Council and Hounslow Borough Council, Hospice work and Age UK consultancy. Private firms in the construction, legal, retail, care home and food sectors. Countless small businesses and private individuals in the UK and abroad. I look forward to ensuring a healthier future for you and your team. I firmly believe that Covid will impact heavily upon mental and emotional wellbeing and for this reason I am bringing myself and my skills out of retreat (writing e-books including novel: The God Enzyme) into ensuring we prioritise wellbeing and reach above and beyond fear and gloom thinking. Make no mistake. Life and business, communication, collaboration and connectivity will never be the same. I’m passionate about our way of living being stronger, brighter and better. I’m known for getting to the heart of the matter eliciting trust, goodwill and wellbeing every step of the way.

Claire Udell

Clinical Administrator

I support occupational health management in an administrative capacity with reports and documentation. I have many years of experience in administrative, HR, business and operational roles that have taught me everything from developing happy employees to managing nitty-gritty details of technical projects; the skills to oversee the full set up and integration of new IT systems to proof reading high profile legal documentation. 

I will be your first point of contact when you enquire about our services here at the Hub.

Personal – When not working, you can find me out and about with my  partner and two children, in the garage working on my collection of project cars and socialising with friends and family. I love to bake, listen to music, travel and follow motorsport. 


Kind Words!

Megan Hall

HR Manager Double R Racing, Woking

Su has well and truly become a part of our team over the past 12 months. COVID-19 has thrown all sorts of hurdles our way as a race team, and Su has remained my point of calm, reason, and clarity throughout the process. We haven't missed a beat thanks to her resourcefulness and willingness to help. I cannot praise her service enough, nothing is ever too much trouble and it is a continued pleasure to work with and learn from her.
Thank you Su, you've kept the wheels turning at Double R Racing throughout this pandemic.

Alison Ho

Director, Byrnes Dental Lab, Oxfordshire

Highly professional experience from enquiry to completion. Su was incredibly helpful with any questions in the preparation and ran a full day clinic for our team like clockwork. A particularly reassuring experience under the current circumstances.

Tom McCulloch

Director Community First Oxfordshire Oxford

SKC has provided expert advice when we have needed it; well-considered, easy to digest and attuned to our specific feeds. We’ve been impressed with Su and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services.

Sarah Caruso

HR Director Classico Marble Ltd. Slough

We spent a long time finding the right Occupation Health Service to support our business and our staff. We hit the jackpot with SKC and Su!  As a small business we needed someone who fitted in with our workforce and day to day business activities. We really appreciate the no nonsense straight to the point advice which is honest but invaluable.  Su’s approach is supportive and informative to all involved and the team look forward to her visits.  We consider Su part of our team and know that our staff’s health is being monitored and we are being given expert advice on health risk management.

Cait Morrison

Finn Black Ltd .London

SKC Occupational Health delivers a very high standard of service. Su Chantry is very  responsive to all communication, and has always supplied us with a full range of information about the tests or vaccines we have required. Medical appointments with Su are dealt with professionally and empathically, she is great at putting people at  their ease. We will continue to use SKC Occupational Health in future, and would  recommend very highly to others.

Andrew Knight & Family

Su Chantry is three paired things: Real Empathy and Caring; Real Expertise and Skill; Real Professionalism and Organisation.

Tom Clark BSc (Hons), MSc, SENr

Performance Coach

Reducing stressful scenarios from an athlete's life is imperative for subsequent performance & recovery. When it comes to vaccinations, testing of blood markers & other clinical testing, situations can often become very high stress very easily & this is something I have to be very wary of when it comes to testing my athletes. 

 Su's skill set, professionalism & client care is second to none & never have I had my athletes feel more at ease & satisfied with the whole experience. As a consequence, she's always my first port of call when it comes to clinical testing.