Covid 19 – 4 steps to managing your wellbeing

Let’s reach above and beyond fear and gloom thinking. 

Your Business needs it .. 

The Economy needs it ..

Human relationships rely upon it

So what always works well to improve wellbeing? 

Our first four steps are from tried and tested mental health and self-care  workplace wellbeing protocols given by  Anna Bruce, our Hub workshop leader, emotional intelligence and wellbeing practitioner with over 10,000 hours in holistic wellbeing.  

1. Relationship building

 When people are treated as adults their minds and emotions stop playing havoc upon their health.  Engendering trust through written and verbal communication definitely reaps rewards. Let’s focus on keeping everyone informed,  even when it might ‘only’ be to say, we are working on it, we are looking at options and we will be in touch with you within x number of days. 

We have witnessed countless employees worrying about what the management might/could/should be thinking about them, the situation or the future.  Sadly, the impact on mental health is enormous. 

2. Positive Perspectives

Effective communication and collaboration requires a positive and pro-active approach. Begin with what is working well, rather than what is not working well. Training yourself to see and think in this manner opens everyone’s mind to new ways of thinking and creating. 

Consider first, what you have left and not what you have lost.  And finally, encourage everyone to rise above the doom and gloom. Einstein’s infamous quote ‘You cannot solve the problem from the same mindset that created it’ still withstands the passage of time!

3. Flexibility is key, so let’s develop an elastic mind

 We all have the ability to vision new ways of seeing and thinking.  There has never been a more important time for this ability to be activated.  

Every business relies upon fruitful work and client relationships. For an organisation to survive and thrive and for relationships to survive and thrive it’s vital to vision new ways of collaborating, connecting and communicating.

How flexible is your mind?

Many people’s thought processes function in overwhelm. They are overwhelmed with the big picture, (the ‘what if syndrome’) finding it difficult to evoke discernment in their mind and emotions.  

While many are overwhelmed with the big picture; for others, it is the details that overwhelm them. 

A phrase coined years ago, was ‘presenteeism.’ Present, but not functioning. This now, is the new norm for most.  The organisations and individuals ahead of their game will be leading the way in flexible thinking and mental wellbeing.

4. Covid anxiety at work – the impact of remote working and isolation.  Tools for your Mood Enhancing Tool Kit 

We need oxygen and to remain calm in order to move the brain from panic to peace.

Rather than breathing too quickly (we all do this when stressed, mind going round, too many things to achieve, overwhelm etc) breathe deeply and slowly. 

Take five breaths breathing from the abdomen and count in for three and out for five, increase to in for five out for eight. 

 It is a fact that the older we get the shallower we breathe. Not a good thing with covid around where oxygen is vital. 

We need to hum! 

Stress puts a strain on the heart. Humming, singing, saying a mantra keeps heart rhythm in step. So when heart is racing restore the calm in your heart through the power of sound. Imagine a light-hearted workplace humming their way through work!   Happy sounds and laughter really are the best medicine…

Be sure not to miss the next wellbeing blog: The mind is the final frontier. 

Consider joining one of our zoom peer support  Harmony circles where individuals receive mood enhancing wellbeing support and health management  to alleviate negativity, anxiety and uncertainty. Contact us to discover more. 

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