Good work is good for health and good health is good for work

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We can support your HR policies and advise on the health of employees ensuring the employee is seen swiftly, given sensible and practical advice to optimise health conditions and work. We will provide an independent, evidence-based report that is issued in a timely manner to the referring manager.

We will ensure your business is compliant with health and safety regulations including Equality Act ( 2010 ). Consultations are undertaken either face to face or by telephone where appropriate, on a regular or ad hoc basis.

We have an appreciation of work processes undertaken by your organisation . We have a familiarity of the tasks and sub-tasks involved in undertaking those processes. We have the ability to identify the impact of these tasks on your worker health.

Physiotherapy and workplace ergonomics

We can assist employees to remain in work or return to work following illness or an injury. Workplace physiotherapy enables helping people move past their injuries and health conditions to increase physical fitness, support them in returning to work and staying well at work. 

Physiotherapy workshops can be booked to educate and assess posture and assess workstations. 

We are able to support you and your workers that are in the office  or  temporarily working at home with advice on completing their own basic workstation assessment. A Display Screen Equipment and Workplace Risk Assessment will help you maintain your compliance with UK Health & Safety Legislation. DSE Regulations 1992.

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Our team in the Hub are all skilled in providing the right advice to help your staff engage with treatment to prevent and support work related  health problems such as back or neck pain, and can assist employees to remain in work or return to work following illness or an injury, or after an operation. We can also support you in the management of a long-term condition to support optimum health at work. 

SKC Occupational Health can offer specialist physiotherapy treatments to support the ergonomic management of the workplace. We can undertake DSE and ergonomic assessments and offer you clinical guidance to support the management of sickness absence.


A culture of wellbeing is no longer a nice “to have”, it’s a “must-have”. To attract and retain talent, your workplace needs to reflect an environment where people can thrive, not just survive.

We have partnered with market experts to help you measure employee wellbeing, identify what different groups need, and help you take action so your employees can be healthier, happier, and more productive.

We can carry out wellbeing health checks in your workplace. Our Occupational Health Technician can come into your workplace and carry out wellbeing activity checks “Know your numbers “ tests include:

  • Blood sugar
  • Blood cholesterol
  • Height, weight, blood pressure and BMI
  • Urine dip test

From these results, we will present an instant snapshot of an employee’s health, this outlines where actions can be put in place to improve health outcomes. Our team will guide you throughout the entire process and make it as easy as possible to maintain your employee’s health and well being. 

We can advise on a wide range of health and wellbeing activities at work .

Health Surveillance

We will help you assess the effectiveness of your health and safety control measures by detecting the early signs of work related ill health amongst staff who are exposed to certain types of risks we will help you assess the effectiveness of your health and safety control measures by detecting the early signs of work related ill health amongst staff who are exposed to certain types of risks.

Health screening programmes will help you meet your legislative responsibilities. SKC Occupational Health can design a bespoke health surveillance programme which takes the needs of your business into account, tailoring a service that protects both you and your staff from the impact of illness.

  • We can assist you in complying with Health and Safety Regulations.
  • We can undertake an occupational health risk assessment of work hazards and provide you with a health surveillance programme to suit your business operation. Our screening and surveillance programmes are fully designed in accordance with HSE guidelines and aim to detect early signs of health related issues.

Appointments include; hearing/breathing/vision/vibration/skin tests, plant machinery driver medicals, safety critical medicals and many more.

SKC Occupational Health, can assist in night work fitness assessments. Working Time Regulations state that night workers have the right to a free health assessment at the beginning of their employment and at regular intervals thereafter.

We offer a low cost health assessment programme designed for night workers:

Step 1: A health assessment questionnaire audited by experienced occupational health practitioners.

Step 2: An independent medical examination for those employees with medical conditions giving cause for concern.

Occupational Immunisations Programme

We provide comprehensive immunisation programmes to remove the risk of staff acquiring or equally passing on work-related infectious diseases, including Pneumonia vaccines for Welders and annual Influenza vaccine campaigns.

Travel Health

Travel health is an additional service. SKC Occupational Health can attend your business premises to offer vaccinations to employees whilst they are at work. (Dependent on minimum number of employees). We are able to assess health risk and travel, administer required vaccinations and also conduct blood tests for specific travel related illnesses.

Occupational Travel Health can help people gain a global view of our world safely, responsibly and sustainably whether for work or adventure.


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Did you know?

By investing in a bespoke , tailored health and wellbeing service you are helping to make sure your employees have greater control in their health and wellbeing. We are able to provide support to put the steps in place to work towards getting a better balance between current health and wellbeing levels at work . As a business, you will have employees that are working more productively, producing a higher quality of work and are more efficient with what they do.