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At the heart of the return to work is controlling the risk posed by the virus. SKC Occupational Health can help you ensure safe working practices are in place and help deliver a safe return to work for you and your staff.

We are qualified Specialist community public health nurses (that’s what the SCPHN bit after our names means). We can offer specialist knowledge and guidance on Risk Assessment and infection control management including laboratory accredited COVID -19 antigen screening and antibody testing. 

We have developed a Covid -19 Health risk assessment tool designed to provide a medical vulnerability risk assessment to support the return to work for employees who may have health conditions that could impact on risk to health when exposed to Coronavirus.


Up to September 2020 clinicians in the UK have conducted a total of 1,546,584 antibody tests which
includes both the instant (fingerstick) and lab (venous) tests
Both of which are used in the Covid -19 testing undertaken by SKC OH Hub clinicians.


There are two types of tests.

The Antigen test, a laboratory test, looks directly for the virus’s genetic material (RNA) through a process termed polymerase chain reaction (PCR).

SKC Occupational Health has partnered with an accredited laboratory and can offer screening Antigen tests required for travel and sport events.

SKC Occupational Health clinicians will NOT test actively symptomatic clients: If you are symptomatic you can book an antigen test at

The Antibody tests are currently being evaluated, no test is 100% reliable. The antibody tests look for evidence that the person has been exposed and has immune antibodies to the virus. 

SKC Occupational Health has partnered with an accredited laboratory and can offer screening antibody tests for the presence of IgM and IgG. Please be aware that clinical evidence regarding the presence of antibodies is unclear in relation to immunity protection to COVID-19 and therefore current guidance regarding social distancing and Covid-19 risk management remains unchanged. 


SKC Occupational Health can provide some useful guidance and pointers to resources you may not have been aware of, we can offer practical assistance in terms of navigating the new return-to-work landscape.


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As experts in public health, we can offer you advice on safely returning to work after the Covid 19 lockdown.

Su Chantry returned to critical care ward work during the Covid -19 Pandemic …. Supporting the NHS during Covid -19  

If you would like to read more on the Government Covid -19 test strategy then please read this