Making a Healthy Work Environment the Priority for 2021

Creating a healthy work environment for employees and customers should be the top priority for all businesses in 2021. Occupational Health can help …

If this past year and COVID-19 has taught us anything, it is how to prioritise health and safety in the workplace. We saw the key role occupational health had in the workplace as we navigated through the uncertainty. As businesses move forward to 2021, it is important to make a healthy work environment a priority. Even though you likely already have some safety measures in place, the new year is the perfect time to evaluate and adjust your health and safety plan.

Completing a Risk Assessment

The first step in looking forward to the new year in regards to your workplace wellbeing and
health is completing a risk assessment. In order to complete a risk assessment, you will need to
consider a lot of different factors in your business. The environment, tasks, threat resources
personal protective equipment, and other protective measures should all be considered.

The risk of exposure will vary from job to job, so understanding the risks associated with your
workplace is the only way to develop an appropriate plan. You should also consider individual
employees and those that might be at higher risk when developing your health plan.
Occupational health can assist in managing higher health risk employees.

Health Plans

Every company should have a workplace that is designed to promote healthy living. It is not only
better for employees to live a healthy lifestyle, but it also helps productivity at work. There are
many ways that a business can support the health and wellness of employees and using the
guidance from an occupational health expert can be very beneficial in enhancing established
organisational policies.

When employees have a space to make their own, they will feel more comfortable at work.
There are many health focused initiatives that enable employees to feel safer, happier, and
healthier at work.

Personalised benefits are also important for employee health. Different people have different
health needs, and those needs should be supported. Other factors like air quality, lighting, and
breaks are important for overall health of anyone working in an office.

Safety Measures

All workplaces have an obligation to follow The Government workplace guidelines and Health
and Safety at Work Act recommendations
when it comes to reopening their businesses. While
some strategies may be different depending on the risk level and type of business, there are
some safety measures that should be universally followed.

Everyone should make hand washing accessible and do it frequently in the workplace. Alcohol-
based hand sanitizers should also be available when washing hands is not practical. Other
safety measures like physical distancing of 2 metres, and wearing masks are also important.
These safety measures should be clearly posted in your establishment so regulations and
policies within your business are understood. Proper training and education about policies and
practices should also be provided to employees.

Other safety measures like vaccines, temperature checks, and regular COVID-19 testing are not
required for all businesses but may be helpful in some cases. Regular disinfecting of all
surfaces that are frequently touched will help minimize the spread as well. Some activities and
practices may need to be altered or removed in order to follow these guidelines to the fullest.
Some staff may benefit from the use of gloves, goggles, specialized work clothes, and physical
barriers in some instances. SKC Occupational Health is able to advise and support
organisations in your health and wellbeing focus for 2021.

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